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Passion for one's work, constancy and continuous research characterize us on the market.



We are made for those who do not want to follow trends every six months but are looking for a timeless style and value quality - able to create coats that last over time, because they are made with that Italian passion and knowledge of the past.

We think that high quality can be accessible to everyone. The web allows us to cut all the unnecessary steps in the middle, connecting seamstresses and people, thanks to the innovation of our distribution and direct communication - close to you.


Constant research and passion are the values that unite us, it is with absolute attention that Giuma Venezia buys precious cashmere yarns from northern China and Mongolia, very fine layers coming from the underfleece of the Capra hircus, a small and fearless animal that lives on Asian highlands in extreme weather conditions.


The workmanship, of experience, transforms it into a very fine yarn that gives a tactile experience made of softness and harmony.

Sustainability starts from respecting the natural cycle, preserving the fragile ecosystem: cashmere is harvested seasonally and designed to bring out its characteristics to the maximum

Waste was also banned, spinning waste and fibers recovered from knitwear were transformed into a padding that adds further warmth to outerwear.

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